Dear customers,

Thank you for purchasing EAGET products. For the sake of protecting your rights and interests, please read the following Warranty Policy carefully. Kindly note: This warranty policy gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from country to country.

  Warranty Period

  Warranty Policy

  RMA Procedure

   Warranty Period

Warranty periods for EAGET products are as follows: 


Products Line

Model number

Warranty Period

USB flash drive

ET-F1, ET-U8M, ET-U3, ET-U5, ET-U9H, ET-EX1, ET-F60, ET-F80, ET-F90, ET-U81, ET-U92, ET-CF30, ET-CU20, ET-CU31, ET-I66, ET-I66pro, ET-FU60, ET-FU68, ET-SU10, ET-SU22, ET-SU33

1 year

Solid state drive

ET-M1, ET-M30, ET-M60, ET-E300, ET-S600, ET-S300, ET-S300L, ET-S350, ET-S450, ET-S900L, ET-S1000, ET-MAC900L

3 years

TF card


3 years


ET-P20, ET-P20pro, ET-P30, ET-P30pro

3 years


ET-E60, ET-EZ05, ET-EC003S

1 year

    Warranty Policy

Shenzhen EAGET Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. provides a limited warranty service on all eligible Eaget products. The limited warranty covers failures due to defects in material or workmanship on devices and accessories. Packaging, software products, and technical data are not covered under the warranty. The warranty starts from the original date of purchase and is only applicable to the original purchaser of  the product. Proof of purchase and a complete product SN number are required to receive any services guaranteed as part of the limited warranty.

EAGET’s product warranty does not provide refunds, returns or exchanges under most conditions. If the defective product(s) are discontinued, end of life, or out of stock, EAGET will issue a replacement with product(s) of equivalent value or features. Brand new product(s) may also be used as a replacement in some cases. Product warranty periods do not renew with replacement units. The original purchase date and warranty period will apply to replacement products

Please Note:

* EAGET warranty policy does not apply to refurbished products or products that were resold by unauthorized resellers.

* EAGET may reject or return product(s) without accessories or an SN number.

* If proof of purchase can't be provided, a warranty period start date may be assigned by EAGET.

* All RMAs are subject to a processing period of up to 5-7 business days.

* EAGET is not responsible for any damages that may occur during shipping.

* EAGET has no obligation to replace any products that are no longer covered under warranty. If EAGET, in its sole and absolute discretion, chooses to replace your product that is not covered by warranty, EAGET may charge the corresponding service fee.

* Not within the warranty scope:

  1. Interface or outerface breakdown, PCB burning and other circumstancescaused by improper operation, incorrect installation, abuse, distortion, negligence, self-repair, disassembly or change of parts.
  2. Human negligence or misuse, like usingin abnormal environment (such as damp, rainy, overheating places), accident, and human damag
  3. Irresistible external factors, such as fire, earthquake, flood, lightning strike, and other natural disasters, or power supply problems cause voltage instabilityor product
  4. The logo and SN number on product surface is not clear to identify.

   RMA Procedure

If the product is found to be defective and is still covered under Eaget replacement policy, the customer may have a replacement processed by following the steps listed below:

  1. Contact us:

  *Contact EAGET support: Email: support@eaget.com.cn ; TEL: +86-755-83356818

  *EAGET support will assist in troubleshooting the issues.

  *If it is determined a replacement is needed and the product is within warranty, a RMA will be authorized.

  1. Request and replacement

  * Customer is required to provide the SN number, pack the product well and deliver it to our factory.

  * After the customer returned the defective unit, EAGET will ship the replacement based on the chosen shipping method.

  1. RMA freight charge

   Customer and EAGET share the freight charge by the rule as below:

   * Customer affords the courier charge of sending the failure products to EAGET.

   * EAGET affords the courier charge of sending back the qualified products to customer.


Remarks: EAGET reserves the right to interpret, modify and amend this warranty policy at any time at its discretion.

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